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Resource for folding knives

Phil Patrick

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I have started getting more interested in making knives. It is more or less an interesting diversion from the normal metalworking projects I take on. I have never made a folding knife how ever. Do any of you fine folks have any good sources of info on the subject? Books, magazines, Etc.

As usual thanks everybody for the info.


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no i don't.but don't give up there are a few folks here that can help ya, i only do fixed blades as filders have too many moving parts. ever think about a kit knife? i think texas knife works,and outherd have them.knife chat is fri. nite go there and them folks will help ya- times are on the home page but i think it is 8 pm cst, hope this helps, jimmy

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The kit knives are a great place to begin. Another choice is to find a folder youlike and take it apart and try and duplicate all the parts and put it together. Don't try and deviate very much from the design. AS Jimmy said there are a lot of working parts and it is not easy to make one work the way you want. I think the first thing would be to decide if youwant a liner lock or a slip joint. Have fun.

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Only a suggestion, do a web search for


Some usually available on Ebay for start $14.97 or Buy-It-Now for $19.97

I bought mine the from Seller:
61112 Feedback
Member is a PowerSeller
Feedback: 98.9% Positive

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Thanks Chris, yes that is one of the possible sites. One has to keep in mind that a hotlink today may be dead cold tomorrow. Good Lord willing IFI will live forever. I was trying to post a road map that would allow other futuristic searchers to follow the trail and find a copy too. Other sources, cheaper prices,etc...... but same highly instructional package.

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