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Sometimes you gotta wonder

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A buddy forwarded this to me - don't know if this one's been making the rounds but I thought I'd post it.

So, any thoughts as to why'd you'd make this?
Advertisement - promotion - a gift for that special someone - cuz ya could?

Whatever the reason - it looks to be a quality job!




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holy anvil!!!!!!!!! Don`t think if ya had it you`d ever need a bigger anvil maybe need a smaller anvil but never a bigger anvil ! LOL:D Don`t let Mike tanner (aka yesteryearforge sorry mike just had to say it) see it he`ll be trying to buy it LOL

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Ironic that this post just came up. I just started planning the creation of my giant anvil. Im thinking 8 feet long, 3.75 feet high, and 3 feet wide feet. Still working out some of the possible ideas. Here are some other pics of giant anvils I was looking at today to get some inspiration.





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