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Mouse Hole?

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By "stamped through the side" do you mean the handling hole(s); or a through hole like a chainmaker's anvil?  If it has a hardy hole it is almost certainly punched with the original forging of the anvil as retrofitting one would require heating the anvil up and then re-heat treating it afterwards. Not a trivial thing to get done correctly. Old anvils often have less uniform punching.

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Is that a weighed weight?  The CWT stamped weight differs. 448 + 28 + 16 == 482 Weighed weights on a modern calibrated scale are often slightly different.

There were over 200 anvil manufacturers in the UK during the day and MANY of them made anvils that are almost identical as they would learn the business working at PW or Mousehole and then set off on their own making anvils that look a lot like PW or Mousehole; so if there are no stampings to identify the manufacturer you could have identical anvils made by different makers.

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