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Sam Stoner tire hammer

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I recently purchased a new compact 45-50 lb tire hammer from a Mennonite fellow in Scottsville KY that builds and sells them. It is being shipped to me as I type. His name is Sam Stoner and I didn’t see his hammer on the list of power hammer makers, in the power hammer section. I bought it through a friend of his, Chase Saxton, who also manufactures and sells a very nice looking Pro-Series tire hammer. Chase kindly lists and ships Sam’s tire hammers for him as he doesn’t have internet, or electricity even, (As I mentioned, Sam’s a Mennonite). Sam has a very cool forge where everything is run with a two horsepower getup, connected by a series of overhead pulleys. Literally a two horse powered treadmill runs every powered piece of equipment in his shop! You can find videos of his setup on YouTube.

The thing I haven’t found is anything more than what Chase told me about his power hammers. I have a short video clip of Sam running one, and I really like the design. But, I’d sure like to hear from anyone else that is familiar with these hammers. Especially if you own one, or have used one of Sam’s tire hammers in the past.

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10 hours ago, Glenn said:

2 HP, as in real HP.

That is so awesome. I love this! There is a cool video on YouTube that shows these big boys in action, and his forge setup. 

Do you know anything about his tire hammers? I'd sure love to hear from someone that does.

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HammerMonkey, how about an update. How's the tire hammer working? 

I forgot about Mr Stoner until a repeat of KY life was shown on PBS yesterday. 

By the way I think those draft horses look forward to a day in the blacksmith shop compared to a day in the field. 


            Pnut (Mike)

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