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Rusty hammer build along

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Ran it hard for three days with no major malfunctions. The way I had the dies set up to be interchangeable isn't going to work. It also hit much harder with a bit less space between the dies, but I was out of adjustment range, so I added a block of steel under the bottom die plate. I'll eventually need to lengthen the push arm to make up the adjustment. The weld between the bottom die and die plate cracked a little, and the bolt between the hammer shaft and top dies showed some pretty good wear. Looks like for the short term I'll have to weld up the interchangeable die parts to something more permanent, or at least change how the dies interchange. No structural failures or damage.

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Update. Installed a stiffer spring on the spring pack, and lengthened the push arm. In this video I was forging some 3/8” square down a little further on the tail end of a blacksmith knife. Hammer was hitting so hard I had to slip the clutch a little. Was too smashy :)




Here’s what I ended up with.  


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