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My best and latest. Classic Bowie.


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Ok, folks. Tell me what you think of this one. Criticism welcome. 

8" Blade is from a leaf spring (go figure) , handle is walnut and maple burl. Hard to see the burl in the pictures. I did a vinegar steam patina on it, which I really like. Guard is just mild. I think it is my best one so far. Took me way too long to finish, but I am content with the finished product. It got an AHHH! reaction from my mom, which is a first, so I must be improving. ;) 



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I really like the blade: shape, length, patination. The large sq notch between it and the guard throws me a bit.

The handle looks a bit too angular and glossy to me, New looking vs the patinated blade.  I'd like to see it with a wrought iron guard and an old stag handle!  (looking like it was your Great Great Grandfather's favorite knife...)

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Thanks guys! TP, I get what you are saying about the handle. Personally , I don't care for stag horn, but i do see how a more rustic handle might fit the blade better. The only 2 finishes I had on hand were polyurethane and tung oil. I used tung on my last couple knives, but I don't like how hard the dull finish was to keep clean so I opted for poly, i.e. shiny. the pics make the handle look kinda boxy but it isn't. It is big, though. Intentionally. My hands are on the upper side of humongous.:ph34r: What don't you like about the ricasso, TP?




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Actually I needed to quote Thomas on a few things , because he said some good things....Thomas, You are quoted!:D

  But I will add something in  my own words.

I really like Your blades!.......and  I like the small ricasso, ...maybe compared to the plunge line(which has plenty of empty space for a signature) , the latter is a bit to wide....the handle looks serviceable and thats what will work....all other aspects about the handle are a matter of taste....Thank God we are all different!

.....but anyway, ...it is all about the edge !...and this edge looks superb!:)

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