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you know your a machinist when--------

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Many old anvils *never* had the face parallel to the bottom so the first step to machining the face is to true the bottom to it and then flip it over and just kiss the face. (You don't care if you lose more bottom material)

I have seen a number of anvils where they machined *through* the steel face at one end trying to true it to the bottom, basically wrecking the anvil.

You already are aware of the face thickness issue: at the March SWABA-South "anvil repair" meeting about 6 hours was spent building up the face of an anvil that had been machined too thin; but was gloriously flat and *shiny*.

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yes that is what i did, i machined the bottom paralel to top then flipped over and skimmed the minumum off the face , and it was out of paralel WAY OUT
about .234
machining and measuring i am pretty good at but blacksmithing i SUCK
but i am very attracted to the science and art of it

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You are a veritable Saint of a machinist! Don't know how many times I have seen anvils butchered by folks just wanting to mill the thing flat...

Now the next thing you need to get is an 1800's worn shilling as that was the tolerance the old blacksmith machinists of that time period could hold---from one of the early steam fellows griping about the problem getting good cylinders bored.

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