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Will a Holset HX35 Turbocharger work as squirrel blower?

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Howdy! I was at the scrap yard today and found myself a Holset HX35 Turbocharger. It looked a whole lot like a squirrel blower, so I bought it! Only after researching it did i realize that it was primarily used for cars. HOWEVER, before I toss/sell it I wanted to be sure: CAN I USE THIS AS A SQUIRREL BLOWER FOR MY FORGE? Thanks!


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In order to find out if that can be used for a forge, you need the volume and the pressure. i think it is overkill but it depends on the size of your forge and the RPM you are going to drive it. You realise the exhaust part is not required and must be replaced with a motor. 

Also, older Turbo need an oil line. I think turbo on bearings don't need lubrication but better find out first. 

To work out the maximum CFM output here is a little formula, (3.14 x radius2) / 3     

The formulas for boost or pressure are all related to the engine CFM because it is the exhaust pressure (about 30 psi) that spins the turbo. You can safely assume that the pressure will be more than enough. 

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I think you should look for something more suited for a forge and ready to use. But if your good and handy at modifying stuff then pull the exhaust housing off and somehow find a way to turn it then try to figure out the right rpm of the blower to get the right amount of air. Turbos have small veins and i think would need alot more rpm then say a Champion 400 to get the same airflow. I see alot of trial and error here.

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On 15 liter diesel engine, we spin turbos 60k to 120k rpm depending on engine operating condition.  A hot tuned engine will push the 100k to 120k rpm at 1900rpm engine speed and 100% throttle.  Thats pushing more than 75 in hg (36psi) pressure out of the turbo.


 So yeah turbos need some spin to work.

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Good Morning Aggie,

Lubrication for the turbine shaft is from the engine oil pump. They have a LARGE drain, back to the oil pan. The turbine shaft bearings are hard bushings, they MUST have oil pressure feeding them to keep an oil film between the shaft and the bushing. There are no seals to stop the oil from going anywhere except into the drain back, to the oil pan.

The short answer, No, it is not compatible.

You can take the turbo apart and make the neatest 'Snail Shell' as a garden ornament. Use your imagination, don't be trapped by a 'box'!!

I have a mate to your Turbo, cross charger-pollination??



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