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Sourcing Burner Components in Canada


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After years of dreaming of swinging a hammer on hot steel, I've finally decided to start the journey. 

I'm planning on making a one burner forge using Frosty's T-Burner design. I shopped around at all of my local hardware shops and found almost everything I needed... Except the 1"x1"x3/4" tee. It's like a unicorn. Even the industrial shops turn me away since I do not have a business account with them.. 

My question is this.. Has anyone else from Canada had issues sourcing black iron pipe fittings? If yes, how did you work around it? 

I feel silly asking such a non technical question but maybe someone can shed some light.. 

Thanks for any information, I'm excited to get started! 

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Acklands Grainger (which appears to be the Canadian version of Grainger Industrial Supply) should suffice, or McMasterCarr, which I believe will ship to Canada.  Here in the USA if I order from Grainger but pick it up at their store, I don't pay shipping - excellent source for plumbing parts and hardware not carried at the big box store.

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Good Morning Jarn,

Hook up with the 'Ontario Artist's Blacksmiths Association'. Ask online or phone one of the executive, they will know of someone in or near 'the Big Nickle'.

John Newman is in Hamilton, he comes here sometimes. Yes, I know he isn't close to you, but it is in your best interest to meet him.


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Home hardware tends to have better hardware selection than Canadian Tire these days.  They can order in if they don't have it in stock.

The won't deal with you if you don't have an account seems to be dying off here, maybe it has to do with my getting older.  I have found you get a brush off  less often if you are there in person vs phoning.

Not a lot of farming in the Sudbury area but often Farm type stores are good for having real hardware.

There is a member on here Dimenickel who is in the Sudbury area.  I have not seen him post a lot lately but if you look him up here you may be able to find some contact info for him. 

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Excellent! Thanks everyone for the suggestions. For now, I settled with adding a 3/4" reducing adapter on the 1" tee... I know, I know.. it's not what the plans call for but I figured I'll run an experiment while I scour the internet for the right parts.


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Great suggestions! Wouldn't it be dandy if one of you guys started a new thread on where to find stuff outside of the U.S? Once people go through the bother to find where to find something, there would be a thread that others could read. Good chance that such a useful bit of information would become a sticky...

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