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Tuff pick

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Had this old pick down in the furnace cellar since I've been here. Had to replace the water heater so I brought the pick to the shop.  Tuff stuff ,,so I annealed/ buried in Ash , still was a bear to upset near the end. Came out ok for my standards.





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If I'm not mistaken I believe there is no need to anneal before forging. If it's hard to forge it'll just be hard to forge. Nice bickerns. I like using picks for hardy tools since it's usually decent steel for the job and close to the shape I want for certain things. If not just the nub going in the hardy hole.  Plus I find them dirt cheap. 

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As hard as it was against my hammer I figured annealing couldn't hurt so was worth a try, I quenched in oil and tempered the bend to blue and ran out the rest in straw,, collecting pieces and parts for some type of power hammer 



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