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I found this site by searching for tips on tuning my burners only to find out that I built them all wrong to start with.  I made it work with what I had thanks to the wealth of information from Frosty and several others and I now know where it all started going down hill. Thanks to all the contributers for their wealth of knowledge and their willingness to share.

Anyway, after getting my forge "working" I was dead set on making myself a pair of tongs first and have been watching videos by GS tongs and many others to familiarize myself with some of the techniques needed.  I know a lot of people say that tongs are not necessarily a beginner project but i really didn't want to buy a set.  

I also found an old post on here about taking a 20' 1/2' square stock and cutting to 5" lengths.  Take the first and draw out to a taper and then repeat with every piece.  Repeat steps to make hooks by doing each step repeatedly instead of just making 50 hooks one at a time.  Anyway it sounded like a pretty good exercise to practice some basic steps so that is what I plan to tackle next!


Thanks for sharing and for having a place where newbies can ask questions!!


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