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Looking for help identifying a couple anvil

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I'm new to this site and hope to be posting on the correct area. Looking for help identifying this anvil. It has a stamped weight of "163" and the other other stamping/ marking I can find is "Warranted Solid". Any help is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, newbie collector.






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If you can take a wire wheel to it and get a good picture with the horn to your right you might see some faint signs of a name. 

Also a picture of the bottom of the base of the anvil. Sometimes the depression or lack there of is a clue.

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  That's a very American looking horn, and waist is on the skinny side. Not the very classic London pattern, or Peter Wright profile. Looks like it could be an early Trenton. Funny, it could be a German made American pattern anvil. Please post more pictures, after some clean up. Time to get that wire brush out. 

          N.N.F.                Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA

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