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What are your thoughts on my third knife?

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Don't you think telling us what alloy you used would be a good idea?  How about what it's intended use is?---(As a fillet knife it's quite bad for instance).

I would suggest drawfiling the bevel further up the blade and you could draw temper quite substantially on the tang area to make it tougher and easier to drill/work.

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The overall shape looks pretty good to me. Looks like a handy small camp/utility knife.

I agree with ThomasPowers though, you need more profile work on the blade. I would take the primary bevel at least halfway up the blade. Then your secondary bevel won't be so thick. This will ease sharpening and you will get less resistance when cutting.

And inquiring minds want to know: What steel did you make it from? What did you do for heat treating? Did you temper it? Was it forged, or cut and grind?

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It looks pretty good for a third knife. You might want the guard to extend farther next time. I always forget when I paracord wrap that the thickness of the paracord gets added to the handle which makes the guard bit much shorter than it looks without the paracord.

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