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I think I may have xxxxxxx the churches money on my jabod

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  Okay so here is my issue.  I got my JABOD built today.  How ever.  I may have like I said xxxxxxx the churches money on it.  I built a pretty big fire bowl.  The box itself is 2 foot square.  I then added 30 inch table legs on it.  Needless to say I also added in fire brick on the table top for the fire pot to sit on.  I'm still not yet finished with this forge.  So what should I do at this point just say xxxx the legs that I mounted to it.  Or leave it as is.  I'm at this point about ready to say XXXX the hole project.  Suggestions would be grateful at this point.

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I don't exactly know from your post what your problem is. Pictures and or a cool headed explination of the problem may help. 

There are many frustrations that can happen with forging, or building.  It will help to take a breath and come back at it with a cool level head. A quitters mentality doesn't get you far here. 

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Yes, No or Maybe depending on information you didn't provide.  The idea of the JABOD is to NOT spend much money on it while trying out the craft AND to learn what you want and need in a solid fuel forge.  Like a beater car you learn to drive on before buying one more suited to your wants...

Have you looked at the Tim Lively washtub forge for a slightly different take on it?

I don't know what exactly you are doing but no jabod forge I know of has a firebrick surround and they either have legs or sit on something but not both.

One piece of advice I do give folks new to the craft: Follow a known good plan and DON'T try to modify it when you don't know squat about forging!   What would you say to a person who's unfamiliar with planes wanting to modify the wings on a plane you are about to ride in?

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So first off let’s examin the penned threads concerning Athe subject.

I would recommend using mud to sculpt either a Vicki gray or African/Asian style forge for charcoal. Other examples exist. 


Now a more permanent forge may incorporate a larger hearth as a fire resistant work bench, and this may well be dry layer brick but if you are worried about a fire pot you are not building a JABOD forge. I don’t know what is out their on YouTube and other websites but aI know that after I wrote up my box of dirt that John coined the name JABOD forge. I know they are cheap to build, I know they are easy to build and I know they will burn up 1” stock

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