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First cable knife from the thunderdome (pic heavy)


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So my grandfathers friend, longtime family friend, did some lathe work for me to turn some burner flares on my new forge. Wouldn't take payment, but said (jokingly) just think of me next time you make a big knife. We talked a bit about the new craft Id gotten into and he said his ideal knife would be something out of Mad Max, like a giant bowie born from an apocalypse.

While I was at his place I saw he had a swage block sitting in the dirt and make a mental note if it. Knowing this guy likes to wheel and deal with trades for random stuff I made a plan to show up with a knife and trade it for the swage block. Plan was a success!



Made from an old rusty cable choker for pulling out stuck dozers and whatnot. 


Nowhere near as well done as JMCcustom's latest offering, but I'm pleased with the results. 



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This is the 9th blade-object I've made. 2 of the 9 were not knives, but pill counting spatulas for fellow pharmacists as gifts. 

I really liked working with the cable, I plan to do lots more, and have a neat idea rolling in my head for an axe hopefully coming sooner rather than later... 

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A lot of old oil fields here, but most everything has been looted and scrapped a long time ago. Closest crane company is 3 hours away. We used to have to book them from farther most of the time when we needed a big crane in the field. The ones I ran for a company I worked for company were small with only 3/4 cable, or else we had to rent one if we wanted bigger. Lots of logging still, but most are using 5/8 cable.

Made me think though.... We did use some pretty big rigging with the rentals. Das is hooking me up with a few pieces, but I'm going to have to make a call to the crib guy from my old job. He might have some old chokers lying around.


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