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Time to say hello


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Hi my name is baz and I live in Worcester.

im a welder fabricator and have been lucky enough to have done a few day sessions blacksmithing and it’s really taken hold (should have done it years ago).

just thought I would say hello to you all and what a great forum this is I’ve been looking around it for a few days now,so time to say hi 

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Welcome aboard Baz, glad to have you. Usually the only reason welder, fabricators aren't blacksmiths is they haven't tried it. Playing with fire and hitting things with hammers is very addictive and we'll be  more than happy to add to your habit.

No need to read the whole archive but it doesn't hurt a bit to do some skimming in sections that interest you. If nothing else it'll introduce you to the jargon so you'll be able to ask good questions and understand the answers.

Frosty The Lucky.

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