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Power hammer forging rivets,

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JHCC thanks for that I dont know why it wouldnt for me I even tried lots of swearing while doing it and it didnt help either Cheers Beaver PS I dont beleive my fingers are in any danger as they are not under where they can be crushed but a handle is on the list as the dies do get hot



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On 06/03/2018 at 11:25 PM, BeaverNZ said:

Dave thats just it, you cant get rivets here unless you import them from England or you make them yourself so i did as I like making tooling and in the long term should pay for its self Cheers Beaver

Are you now the sole rivet maker in NZ? Looks like a shrude buisness plan to me!

Now if you make an ejector for tooling to sit one you'll be making them faster that your forge can heat your blanks!

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9 hours ago, the iron dwarf said:

great tooling, may suit a forging press more than a hammer but how to load faster and eject?

I have a larger version for making 3/4x4 inch rivets that goes in the press, mainly because the tooling needs about 350mm of travel I will have to post it here Cheers Beaver


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