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I Forge Iron

Hello from the North of Scotland


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Hi folks,

Name is Craig, im from the North of Scotland.

Just been biten by the blacksmithing bug. After I get a bit of experience under my belt I would like to make practical pieces as well as tools and mabey a few decorative bits.

I have a pile of scrap waiting to made into a  coal/coke forge of some kind ( still undecided what type). That will be my first step on hopefully a long and rewarding journey.

I look forward to learning from you all( you guys certainly know your stuff) and mabey able to contribute in time.

Right of to read as many files as I can.

Thanks and all the best


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7 hours ago, JustAnotherViking said:

Drowned by rain or eaten alive by the midges... definitely 'awesome' :P

I was more talking about the historical side of it. In a country so young as america, we have not had much time to build up our own "flavor". I absolutely love 13-16th century Scottish Weaponry. :)  It Is a shame though, about their weapons restrictions.  Cant Imagine not being allowed to carry one of my own blades.

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