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Clamp for 4x8 table... cause the middle of the table is no mans land

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So I built a 4x8 ft fabrication table, but trying to clamp anything in the middle of that table is just not possible. I have clamps that rach 12 inches but the leaves a 2x6 ft no mans land. this is my solution.


So I have this project, scrolling and bending the round stock it not difficult but keeping everything perfectly flat proves to be difficult the more bends and longer the piece is but it is easier to adjust everything once it is welded together or while I am welding it. But so time it requires a lot of pressure to get the steel to line up flat so it can be welded.  So I have a piece of 2"x2" tube that spans the width of my table.


I had to widen out the foot that goes under the table so that if I only clamp off one side it leans over to the point that the screw of the clamp limits out. I had to add a tab on the top side of the table, and 1/4" tabs on the bottom foot so that it levels it out. The pipe on the foot has 1' adjustments so that I am able to clamp anything from 0 to 7 inches off the table.


I built 2 sliders that move so I can set up over any area on the table. I forged down some 1" bar stock, to match the stock on my Bessy clamps. This allows me to use the slide arm section with the screw. I also build several plates and clamp foots to suit the stock I am fitting.


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Quite a clever clamping system. You didn't mention this, but it appears to me that you offset the posts/bars for the sliding arms so that the sliding arms can be rotated 180 degrees, which would give you some options as to the distance between the screws. Did I get that right? I'll have to keep this system in mind as a possible future tool project.

Al (Steamboat)

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I suggest you learn how to remove the edge bend and twist in your scrolls. Then all will lay flat. This minimizes the need of clamps.

This is not so critical in forged and fab work, but dang near a necessity when doing traditional joinery.

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