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I'm back to say hi


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Hey you all (and esp. 4Elements)...

Life intervened in my smithing and spinning endeavors. With a bit of luck I should be back to playing with fire and hitting things with a hammer soon. I did manage to spin an aluminum disc into a cat food bowl last fall and even rolled the edge. Yay me. I may have even sourced a little Karle Spin Shop spinning lathe, but Im waiting to find out about it.

I think I mentioned my neighbor the blacksmith is holding onto a swage block and blacksmith vise until my shop is built. I don't quite know when that will be, but maybe later this spring, when I can get back to building fires and hitting things with a hammer. That'd be nice.

Been reading up on JABOD designs and I may have some questions about using steel scrap as an anvil in the next couple of weeks. I must say that re-reading so many of the posts here are really inspiring and brain-clearing and I'm again grateful for the shared knowledge and generosity among you all.

Just wanted to say hey and I'll be back with annoying and/or stupid questions. Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

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I'm glad to see you back. I know how life can get in the way. I've had a rough couple of weeks too. I can call you and share my thoughts on a JABOD and an improvised anvil from the steel i gave you. I'm at work now so I'm limited for time till I'm off

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