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I have cut down on my farrier work because of knee problems, so have done a little more knife making.  First is made from a piece of cable, but I welded a piece of spring steel on the blade because I didn't think the cable would be strong enough.  Second one is 100% cable blade. Third is a farrier's rasp with red stag handle. fourth is farrier's rasp with a combo wood elk horn.  Fifth is a set of filet knives from hacksaw blade.  The last one is a blend of chainsaw chain and farrier rasp, but I forgot and left it in the etching dip too long and almost lost the blade.  I almost threw it out, but decided to finish it, glad I did, it does have it's own class.  Last pic is of it before handle.




combo handle2.jpg




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12 hours ago, Ranchmanben said:

I can’t ever get that much pattern out of my cable Damascus. What did you use to etch it?

Ferric chloride.  I have used it on all my damascus projects.  The last knife I posted, I left it in the soak over night and thought I had lost it, nearly did, but finished it anyway.

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