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Table/workbench space, how much do you need?


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I've been debating on whether or not I really need much work bench space in my tiny outdoor hobby area. I presently have two work tables, a 32" X 36" and a 32" X 48".I use the area for smithing and for grinding work and oxy acetylene work. Seems like at least one of the tables is always piled up with "stuff". They are great solid tables made from 1/4" X 2" angle with heavy steel tops. If I got rid of one it would help with room for the leg vise and a grinder stand. I am thinking on getting rid of the 48" one but would hate to give it up then need it later. My property is small and I am out of storage room.

How much table/bench space do you guys have/need in your hobby smithy?  I do have a large indoor shop with several benches and a 4 X 5 welding table but no room to put another one in there with the trucks I keep in there.

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Put everything on wheels. Storage shelves under the table. Easy to move and make room when you need to. Remember the truck is on wheels and can be moved outside the shop when you need a hard floor or extra room. Just remember not to leave the truck outside over night or it will never get back into the shop.

ALWAYS move the truck outside if you are going to do any grinding. Or choose the *other* color paint you always wanted for that truck. (Do not ask)

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What do you need: 1 sq foot to 100 sq feet depending on what you are doing and how you do it.

I know folks who use very little benh space as they work on small projects one at a time and so never have much out. Other like to work in batches and batches of batches and they tend to like to have a lot of space to group stuff in the same process at the same time.

How heavy is the steel top? 1" thick or heavier?  Bases can be rebuilt, it's usually finding a massive slab for the top that's the hard part.  Could you store just the top up against a wall?

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