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French Leg vise


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Neat vice.

It seems the idea is to be able to rotate it as you need to and the bolts that are missing a pin through the head are to tighten it and stop it from turning. 

I would make a heavy plate with a half moon cut to accommodate half of the vice's shaft and make two more substantial bolts with some chunky handles to tighten the nuts when required. That if you want to keep the rotating option. otherwise make a square fitting to hold the leg from further down.  

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Greetings Fudd,

      The simple answer is to forge a 1/2 by 2 horse shoe design with a 90 bend to match the bolt holes . Drill holes to mount to the table or fixture. This would keep the ability to rotate and look good at the same time. You could add some accents to the bracket to complement the vice appearance.   Just a thought. Nice vise.

Forge on and make beautiful things 


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For mine I bolted 2 pieces of angle iron to my table flush to the edge of the table and punched holes for bolts to hold the vise bracket.  I rounded off the corners of the angle for a better appearance.

Let me know if I can help you.  You can find my contact info on my Profiles page.  I prefer e-mail.


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Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I had in mind to make the attachments similar to Wayne's suggestion. This vice is a few inches taller than my other vises so I'll need to adapt the mount to go above the level of the bench. I may however simply make  stand to fit the whole vise. One interesting thing is that each side of the vise is marked with the number 30 which I initially thought might be the weight in kilos but that would equate to only 66 lbs. the actual weight is over 80lbs.



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