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looking for advice on price

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hey guys I'm just looking for some advice on what some of the service items might be worth. I have a lady looking to sell them & I'm trying to buy them but I have no clue the value. 

she has an old foot pedal power hammer that was ran off a pull system & an old drill press ran off a pully.

she also has an old motor operated  grinding stone that still works & several different hand tools. I will upload some pictures but they are not very good.

any advice is appreciated thanks.




sorry it looks like I didn't get a picture of the power hammer but it's about 6 foot tall. & looks about in the same shape as the drill press

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Well, guess it is all in the condition and demand.  I've seen post drills, like the one in the first picture, go for anywhere from $45-$125 depending on whether it is in fully restored working condition.  Probably not easy to use as a powered drill press, as gearing down to mimic lineshaft rpm can be a challenge for an electric motor. 

The large wheel grinder is fairly uncommon, but IMHO not worth a whole lot.  Unless you have a specific use for it I wouldn't go more than $30 for that.

The blower, as no-town indicates, might be worth something, but only if it runs smoothly.  I've seen working ones go for anything from $50-$175.

A power hammer can also be a big question mark.  For the most part it depends on condition, though ram weight can also play a factor.  Completely restored, working power hammers typically sell for over $2,500, but ones in need of repair can be considerably cheaper (even scrap steel price...).

Of course if she is expecting antique collector prices all bets are off...

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If you're looking to buy them to use and you know that they'll need a lot of work, make sure to factor in the value of your own time. If this is a hobby for you and you don't mind puttering away at a big restoration job for a few months in your spare time, that's one thing. If you're running a professional shop, time is money! 

Also, don't forget the cost of any materials and parts that you'll have to buy. A power hammer at scrap metal prices won't be much of a bargain if you need to replace every single moving part.

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thanks for the feedback.

sorry I was vague but I really don't know much about them. the guy said it is a trip hammer. the pulley system connected to a motor would power the hammer which was forced by big springs & when u step on the pedal it would release the hammer.

hope that helps. & I'm just looking for a price to offer her for the items & a little better understanding of them. thanks

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The wild card is the power hammer.  Impossible to say whether it's a diamond or a dud without photos.  The rest is interesting as a "labor of love" but not special enough to pay the big bucks for.  

Most of the drive stuff on that post drill is throw away as it was a bad scab-together job.  It could be put back to a hand-powered drill quite easily while still leaving the main drive pulley for inertia.  It's not really something you want to use every day compared to a modern drill press.  I''d probably plonk down $ 75 bucks if the mood hit me but walk away without hesitation at $ 100 (in my area and assuming it's perfectly mechanically sound.)

The grinder is interesting...That might be worth having just because the design isn't that common (at least around here).  All the value is in the main stone so it depends on how out of round it is or whether it's cracked---maybe $ 50 to $ 75 assuming it's average.....a hair more if you can find some compelling reason like a great brand name cast into the frame or if that stone is actually 20"-24" and bigger than it looks in a photo.

Blower...well, condition condition condition.  Doesn't look that great.  Around here a decently working average unit is worth $ 150 and a great one goes for a LOT more...but in most areas $ 50-$ 75 is pushing the limits for a working blower.  Deals do come around so I wouldn't jump on it without it being special in some way.

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thanks for the info. I actually bought the blower & 2 tongs the first day I went. I gave the lady $25 & came home, took the face off, clean out dirt dobbers nests & she spins great. a good 2 & 1/2 turns when u let it go. so I am cleaning up & getting it ready to use

not sure on grinding wheel. around here a descent size one goes for $80 to 100.

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