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flipper's titanium liners


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Hey guys so i been making some flippers recently and i have been using .1 thick titanium and counter boring the bearing pockets .045 into the titanium....that leave .055 of titanium. Well i am thinking about making a couple that are smaller than what i have been doing. so i am wondering how much i could thin out the handle by using thinner titanium. but i am wondering how anyone else does  it if the bearing pockets are .045 how thin can the titanium be...i am thinking .055 (what is left after the pockets) is thicker than it needs to be but not quite sure how thin i can go...does anyone out there use thinner titanium?

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thanks guys! i think this is going to  just take some experimenting like making it and carrying the knife and make sure it can take the abuse......

the bearings them self are .0625 thick and you dont want them level with the titanium you want them a lil proud to keep a lil room between the knife and the titanium so if i was to drill all the way through the titanium and have the handle material back the bearings i would have to use .0425 titanium as i usually leave them about .02 proud and that is very thin titanium for a liner also i dont think the bearings would ride quite as smoothly or as fast resting on the handle material...when it runs on titanium obviously the titanium is softer but it runs a lil "track" on the titanium and it gives the balls a nice smooth track to run on...you can put a hardened washer in there and they would run even better but i am trying to shrink things adding a washer would do the opposite and they ride really good on the titanium so if it aint broke dont fix it,,,,,,

either way thanks for the advice guys i think like so many other things in knife making trial and error is going to prove the best method 

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