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Greetings From Newfoundland, Canada

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I used to lurk as a unregistered member just gleaning over posts to gather as much basic info/intel as I possibly could before attempting to build a gas forge of my own. This has been by far the most reliable and most informative of any forum/website I've come across. 

I've finally decided this time I'm going to build myself a decent forge. No more procrastinating and no more putting off what I see as a rewarding hobby. Only this time I plan on building my forge using the best possible instructions as possible and not rely too heavily on the myriad of designs etc, found all over Youtube.  Just when I believed I'd come across a decent looking forge assembly, a quick read through the comments of the uploaded video proved otherwise and some comments proved the build was downright dangerous and/or a complete waste of time and resources. 

Being in Canada has been challenging at best in acquiring half decent materials to start a build from scratch. Even worse when living on an island! My first order of business was tracking down half decent Kaowool (or equivalent) that wouldn't break the bank! I finally decided it would be cheaper (although still much more than expected) to buy a full roll/box from an American company and have it shipped directly to my house rather than buying bits and pieces here and there as a hodge-podge of unknown density fire wool. I now have a full unopened box of 8#, 25 foot roll, (50sq/ft) by 2 feet wide by 1" thick of Inswool Fire Wool. I'm now waiting on some ITC-100 (or equivalent) which I forgot to order at the same time as the fire wool. I plan on building a gas forge and a separate casting furnace.

Now time to research and build a few burners in addition to my forge and furnace! 

At any rate, I'm a retired from the Canadian Armed Forces and have way too much time on my hands not to be doing something I've wanted to do for ages! 

Thank you folks and I look forward to being a productive and hopefully a contributing member of this great community! 

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Good Morning and Welcome from the left Coast,

There is no perfect size or style of Forge. I have a Forge made from a 1 1/2" pipe tee, added a couple pieces of pipe to support the piece that is being heated. Flared a short nipple for the air intake in the middle. Someone said it couldn't be done, guess what!! Do not start with a large container, start with whatever you have at hand. Fire-brick works too!!

Enjoy the Journey, K.I.S.S. Don't make it complicated.

Add your location to your Avatar, this lets people know where you are. Often, help is not far away.


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Welcome aboard.

You are from Newfoundland.

It's a big province.

Are you in St. John's, Corner Brook, Gander, Stephenville, etc. There is a long car ride between the first two mentioned. Over 200 miles if I remember correctly. It's been a while.

I'm just a little curious.

Anyway there is an enormous amount of information here for good reading and a lot of expertise.




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