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If you go to the torch welding, brazing, silver soldering, etc. isle in your local welding supplier's place start reading labels on cans of dry flux. Most are anhydrous borax, boric acid and some proprietary thing to color it, quite a few have iron powder in them too if you like. I bught a can of Patterson's Blue ( forget if it's #1 or #2) it's the one without iron in it. It was $23.76 IIRC for a 1 lb. can shipping included. A can of E weld, Cherry weld, Swan, etc. starts around $90/lb. + shipping. The Patterson's blue works just fine. Better than laundry borax, it forms an even continuous cover without boiling. That's a property of being anhydrous, no water can't boil.

Frosty The Lucky.

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