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Dwarven hunting knife


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As we look Back it is always hard to tell if such a knife was made for a Dwarven Hero or for a Hero of Men, often these details are lost in the mists of time and imagination. Either way this is a stout stedfast and robust knife (certainly Dwarven made) perfect for heroic undertakings, expeditions in search of gold and adventures beyond the realms of men.

“If hunting Warg, or tracking Dragons,a stout knife is always a benefit. Keen of edge , a true stroke struck will not be repelled by the stoutest hide. But after the adventuring is done and mead is flowing. When the fire is sizzling with aromas , the hunters legacy roasting….Then tales are told and knives passed around the hall, adornment , edge and jewel reflected glittering in the firelight. The deeds of the day become bigger , wolves become wargs and tall tales become legends.


The knife blade is made by me and the handle, sheath and all the other lovley bits are made by Petr Florianek (Gullinbursti) (

This 12” bladed knife is forged from 4 bars of patternweld, there is wrought iron on the spine and 2 bars of 5 layer twisted steel. The edge is 300 layers of folded damascus steel, the swirls in the pattern showing the multitude of hammer striked used to forge the blade. The knife adorned with carved brass and antler, silver and garnet. Fierce beasts are carved into the handle and a Dragon writhes carved amidst the brass and garnets.





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@MastaStan I have to ask, do you leave all of your handles as a scroll or simple wood? Anything more is just decoration and unnecessary. Honestly if basher wants to add a fancy description that's fine, it would have been nice to have some indication of it, but it's just another way to make your work stand out and give it a life.

This is beautiful work, I enjoyed the whole thing. Petr Florianek has certainly done amazing work on the fittings.

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On 2/8/2018 at 9:18 PM, MastaStan said:

Oh I must be mistaken, I thought this was a knife thread, not a script from lord of the rings. I apologise.

Ah, I can understand why! but in many ways its more a "lord of the rings thread" than it is about a knife.

If anything the knife is just the excuse for going all "LOTR"

I would disagree that the writing is speil, any more than the pattern welding or carving. They are all part of the creative process and as much a part of the knife as the steel..There is a core functionality to any knife, it needs to cut , be strong enough for its function and have good balanced and proportion.

All these things are a given, but they are also part of the story of the piece. I would be naive If i thought that people were interested in the knives I make from a purely functional point of view. So I see the aesthetic of the piece and the underlying story as being as important a function of the knife as it being able to cut.

 The story is part of the function of the knife (the final owners relationship will most likely not be bases on the pure function of the blade) and the function is part of the story....The knife must live up to the reality of its claims...the " realness " of the knife will affect the relationship between owner and knife. If its not real its not believable....

But its not for everyone, but thats the beauty of making one off pieces...For all the effort involved, I really only need to find one person who likes the knife enough..........

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2 X What they said^^^ 

The back story brings another dimensional aspect to his beautiful piece. Form and function are important, but presentation certainly enhances/enriches the experiance. 

Just as good food is not just about flavor. Presentation is such an important part of any creative experience.


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8 minutes ago, MastaStan said:

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I wasn't rude. He didn't apologize, and nor was there any reason to apologize.

I just find it a bit much,  wargs and dragons don't exist....but the knife does, it sells itself!

Great work!

As a person that has read LOTR, I feel that they did indeed exist, for the entire time I was caught up in the treading it was all very real, which is the sign of a great writer.  Sorry that you missed out on that,

Good work Basher

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4 minutes ago, Steve Sells said:

As a person that has read LOTR, I feel that they did indeed exist, for the entire time I was caught up in the treading it was all very real, which is the sign of a great writer.  Sorry that you missed out on that,

Good work Basher

I can tell you, for a fact, they don't!

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