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Hello from UK


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Hello from England!

I’ve been reading this forum for close to a year now so thought it time to introduce myself.

I’d been intending to try blacksmithing for a very long time. After dropping hints for about 3 years my partner bough t me a one day course at a well equipped forge here in UK.....I was immediately hooked. Within a day of completing the course I had finished building my home made forge (it had been a work in progress for several years) A piece of railway track was OK as a starter anvil.

I tried TPAAT and soon found a small anvil on sale locally, I don’t think it had ever been used. As others have discovered, once you apply TPAAT and find your first anvil others soon follow so now I’m the proud owner of something larger, together with an ancient swage block.

My forge is outdoors so I need a day without rain (yes we do have them in UK!) to operate the forge which I do as often as I can.

I recently did a one day course with the Copper Elf and also met the Iron Dwarf, both of whom contribute here.

I’ve included a few pictures of my setup and a few pictures of my work. (The bullrush sculpture is my own work except for the welding which was was done for me by my mentor, other items all my own work)


Thanks to all for the wealth of information and advice to be found on this forum, I really appreciate it.



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That's a good point, my intention was to cut them off once I was certain the anvil was in the correct position......of course they then became "invisible" once I got used to seeing them. I'll take the angle grinder to them later this week!


Thomas: From the context I take it that I should have put the anvil support timbers vertically, is this a serious mistake that I should correct?



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There is no bouncing between boards with vertical grain. Plus wood swells and contracts from humidity changes, and it moves far less end to end.

Now having said that, some have done the horizontal stacking and they worked fine. I'm sure a lot has to do with how well they were fit up on assembly. You used some substantial beams, and not the 2x4's a lot use over here.

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