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Horse shoes with Borium


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On 2/9/2018 at 12:45 AM, horse said:

I believe it to be copper or brass can't tell for sure without heating them again. The one thing I know is that I felt like I had all of that junk off the shoe and when I hit it I was surprised to see the marks on the anvil. Not a big deal on the anvil as I caught it quickly. I feel like the best advice is to continue to seek clean shoes  I do know a lot of people in the draft horse world  the problem is most of the are tight wads like me and don't pitch a shoe until they are plumb wore out.  Thanks for the advise   I think taking off as much as I can and then Welding those faces is a good concept  


By the way Charles. I lurk far more than I post. I learn more that way. At any rate I have a great respect for what I believe you know about horses and their feet.  thank you for your kind and patient contributions to this site. Seems like if we ever met we could have a great conversation about the "foot" on a horse. 

Me too. Think same as you.

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I've never had a problem removing borium from horse shoes. It goes on by creating a puddle on the shoe with a torch. Then melting the tube borium into the puddle. Reverse the process with a torch and wire brush off the borium crystals and whatever the tube is made of. The crystals are pretty big. Maybe 1/8" or so. Easy to see and remove. 

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