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Friend and coworker overdose

Michael Cochran

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I have a friend here at work that’s more like family than anything that has been havin some difficulty lately with some of things. He talked to me about some of it and seemed to be getting back on track like things were going back to normal. Last night I got a call from him that didn’t make sense until his girlfriend called about an hour later telling me he overdosed and was on the way to the hospital. Right now he’s in CCU at the local hospital and is being kept sedated. Right now nobody knows when he’s gonna be able to home. I didn’t see any warning signs and looking back I still can’t see any. He carries his problems and worries deep inside and doesn’t share well. Hopefully that won’t bite him in the end. 

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That's hard news Michael. Don't let guilt get to you, it's not easy to read folks with problems, I know. It's hard for friends to not feel responsible when they can't tell someone they know is in trouble or in one significant case in my life turns out to be a bad guy.  We all get fooled, we can't see into another person's mind and heart. Well, not always.

He's on the list here as are you, his family and friends. 

Be well brother, Frosty The Lucky.

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Unfourtuanately I had to be off work today to deal with other things so I can’t do much for him today. 

He did go to work this morning and called me earlier looking for help with something I know more about than he does. He admitted he’s still a little weak right now. I told him nobody knows exactly what happened, I just told the other guys that he wasn’t feeling well and he’d be back when he was able. I told him if he wanted to share with them he could but I wasn’t about to tell them something like that. 

It will take time but I think things will go back to “normal” in a few weeks. 

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