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First Go at a Dirk


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 I have been dabbleing in Scottish history a bit recently, and, me being a burnewin, it has naturally it has taken the form of  making Scottish weapons. I REALLY like dirks, so I will probably try a "take 2". 

Blade Is ??? from a coil spring, handle is a rather unique bit of walnut.  Blade is 10 inches.The false edge on the back dosn't show to good in the pictures... 

This was my first time hot fitting a handle, as well as my first time cold-peening a tang, so I am glad it turn out.

Critique and advice always welcome!


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I like dirks as well, if they are nice ...with gem stones and bulky weird butts and handle shapes they can be ugly as hell, but not this one....

This one has nice proportions and a beautiful defined strong blade

Plain and functional, and the unspectacular wood fits excellent.....maybe a bit gun blue  and steel wool would make it look antique what actually would fit the genre better....but anyway......beautiful! 

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I actually made a sgian dubh recently that I did the "gun blue thing on, steel wool off" thing on, and though the finished looked amazing, it showed even the tiniest scratch bright and clear. I plan on using this one as an EDC for a while, so I didn't want to give it a "delicate" finish that would look horrible after a month. If I could find a more durable cold blue I would totally down with using it.   

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I've had some nice success in patinating blades using the fumes rising up from heated apple cider vinegar.  Gives it a nice antique look and doesn't seem to effect the wood.  Like other patinas it is just a surface treatment, but being fairly subtle scratches don't show as strongly (and the wife has a dozen bottles of the stuff around for some reason...).

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