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RR spikes, are they the red headed step child of metal stock?

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Thank you Irondragon. The bench has been on the Herberton Station platform for a couple of months now and receives a lot of comment. The station master moves it inside each night because he is afraid someone might pinch it. I have been asked to make another one. We have thousands of old rail spikes, so that's not a problem … finding the time is. And the worst part is cleaning the spikes before welding them together. (The MIG hates rust). Someone suggested getting a couple of dozen spikes and putting them in a concrete mixer with a load of dry gravel and small rocks. Like a rough tumbler. Maybe that's worth a try?? (I imagine it would be noisy so it's lucky I don't have near neighbours!)


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I suggest that you might consider a substitute for gravel.

Namely, coarse silica sand.  It is very hard and abrasive and makes a lot less noise. It will not pound the hades out of your concrete mixer, like gravel might

Indeed.  It could,  very well,  knock out any adhering cement in the mixer's barrel,  too.

The material is cheap and is sold by builder supply companies. Gardening supply stores may, also, carry it. 



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