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Yes, no, maybe it mostly depends on your shop skills. Were it my choice I'd let the guys doing the remodel pay for the dump run and buy new. If it fell in my yard and I could get them to haul the debris off I'd use the conduit to guy the stove pipe on my shop and put the railing in my maybe someday pile. It's a BIG pile and I browse through it occasionally. My best score was when the local Honda shop was tossing ATV crate frames rather than shipping them back to Japan. Hundreds of feet of rectangular steel tubing.

Frosty The Lucky.

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May be post lead paint; looks modern. Paint fumes still TOXIC!

But as to the original question Yes, No, Maybe depending on information you didn't supply.   If you want to make a Q&D trellis you're golden.  If you want to make a damascus greatsword don't bother picking it up...

Electrical stuff?  How soon is your next shop remodel/extension?

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