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Hello all. I just moved here from Indiana, where I had just started meeting some people to start learning about Smithing. I want to continue.

I hope to set up a shop later this year. It will be basic at first. I would like to begin by forging my tools. 

Any others in the area please respond, I have lots of questions and would like to find people that have also caught this bug.

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Not a problem; I moved from the Washington DC area to Indianapolis Indiana in the late 60's at about 12 years old.  It wasn't a good fit. I would probably have done fine out in the boonies.

I did like collecting Geodes in Brown County and fossils; but the intellectual climate did not agree with me at that time. (Washington Post to Indianapolis Star for instance!)

I did move my wife and kid(s) to Columbus Ohio much later and enjoyed living there for 15 years.

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 I was lucky growing up in the boonies.....never had a problem with intellect....you must not have been on the north side of Indy. You would have fit right in. And yes I too have a bunch of geodes from working in Brown County.     Take care my friend                Dave

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