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Help, tell ne about my Anvil Please

Frank c

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I have owned this Anvil for 50 years I am now going to retire to a smaller lifestyle.  For the first time I have time to research my Armitage Anvil. Looking for the appropriate Age, and any Facts I can find?  I orginally came about it in a Southern Illinois farm sale. Email me facts. 

Now looking to sell, or place in muesum,... I love it, it needs a Great Home. Not just a regular home.   Tell me about it   

Thanks in Advance.. 





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Roughly 1830-1835. Mousehole Forge used the "M&H/Armitage/Mouse/Hole" stamp from 1820 to 1835, and they started adding pritchell holes around 1830. (Note that an earlier model might have had a pritchell drilled in later; check the underside for the telltale swelling around a punched hole.)

It's in somewhat rough shape (damage to the edge and horn, missing piece from the top of the heel), but if the rebound is decent, you might find a happy buyer.

I don't know the anvil market in NM too well, but other members might be able to give you a better idea of where to market your anvil.

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In my area an anvil with that level of sway and damage to the heel would be a 2$ a pound or so anvil due to it's age and the mousehole reputation. a lesser brand anvil would be even less, although with the market where it is it's a bit harder to price. Prices that i find insane seem to still be selling. 

The only thing i would caution would be to make sure a museum plans on displaying it if you were to go that route. Many people have thought their family heirlooms would be displayed and instead they made it into back storage permanently. That's not a general dig on museums, just something to be aware of. 

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Frank we generally discourage e-mail as the answers are for the entire world and not just you.  Have you talked with any of the local smiths and see if they know any beginners looking for a starter anvil?  Pep Gomez, Hopper Shannon, etc.  Also the ABANA chapter centered around Albuquerque New Mexico Artist Blacksmith Association, (of course they may refer you to me...) I'm suggesting large chunks of scrap for starter anvils down here as they are so much cheaper than London Pattern ones.

There's a guy trolling craigslist asking about smithing equipment all the time...

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