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Biggest carcass splitter so far

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I just mailed off an interesting project: The biggest carcass splitter I've built to date.  It was the widest and heaviest blade I've made (though not the longest), and I really want to make more.  Probably will have one on my table at the Blade Show in June.
The blade is 18" long by 3 1/2" wide, with an overall length of 40 1/2".
Its size made it difficult to take a picture that really showed the size and proportions correctly, but I got a few, and shot a video comparing it with an antique carcass splitter I was given by a customer. 
Here's the starting blank, cut from 1/4" x 3" 5160.
After forging out, the blade was about 4" at its widest, though after trimming the end to be aesthetically pleasing, it was 3 1/2".
Comparison with the antique carcass splitter.
Ready to heat treat.  To give an idea of size, my anvil is 148 lbs, and the face is about 4" x 15".
It was so large, I couldn't fit the whole thing into my kiln that I use to draw temper.  I ended up holding the kiln lid open with firebricks, then filling in the gap with various bits of broken fire brick.  If you look closely, the end of the tang is poking out between two bricks just under the little angled tab on the lid.
Ready for mischief!
There is a better look at both carcass splitters, more details, more construction pics, wildly irresponsible swinging about of an 18" long razor-like blade, and general silliness in this video.
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That is awesome! I watched the video before I really understood the size of that blade. It is amazing. You scared the hell out of me when you shaved with it and then twirled it around like a baton! I couldn’t do that with a dagger, let alone that splitter. I love the finish in the blade too. It matches well with the purpose of the tool. And the approach for handle seems like the best option, especially when you showed the state of the older one. Will the customer be using that for actual carcass splitting? I have a baby at the house, so I couldn’t listen to all of the audio. But I really hope that splitter is really used for the intended purpose. Even though it is a great show piece, it seems like it is screaming to be used daily. Great job.

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You're a nut. But a fun nut. That's why we like you. :)  that thing is crazy big. Wow, cool stuff. Ya know, YOU need one of those. :) it suits your look. 

I had a friend at a party at my house think it would be cool to flip and catch an antique meat cleaver I had hanging on the wall. It worked out great until he realized he was bleeding. It was so sharp that he grazed it with his finger in the flip and didn't feel it. A few stitches later he was fine. We hide that when people come over now even tho He learned his lesson. 

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