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questions about forging transmission shaft

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Hello all,

I came across a scrap pile by the side of road and found a couple transmission shafts.  After taking off the boots and taking them apart, I ended up with a couple of 12 inch shafts.  I've got a couple of questions.

1.  What type of metal could these be?  I don't have a set of samples to spark test so I'm just looking for a general idea.  

2.  The rods have a long grooves at either end.  Should I grind these off before I forge or should I be able to hammer them in.

Thanks for any help.






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2 minutes ago, andrerich517 said:

 After taking off the boots and taking them apart

Ah, CV shafts, at first look I was thinking you meant internal shafts. 

My guess would be medium to higher carbon. I've made hotcuts from them.  I would go off one of the easily found spark test diagrams online to get a ballpark. 

Mad far as the notches, I would probably grind them down so they don't fish mouth or cause cold shuts in the piece. 

What are you planning to make from them? 

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My mechanic gave me a bunch of those, too. I’ve used it successfully for punches, drifts, and bottom tools. 

You may find it faster and easier just to cut the grooved sections off of the shafts. Unless you absolutely need that extra bit of length, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and grit. 

Besides, you can drill out the centers of the grooved sections and use them for rivet headers. 

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