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Show me your Press tooling


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So I'm getting one of those fancy 16 ton coal iron works presses soon and I want to make it as useful and efficient as possible and I know tooling is the name of the game! I personally like the idea of using standard top and bottom tools within reason because you should be able to use them everywhere, from power hammers, to strikers, to under the fancy press. But would love to have pics of your favorite tooling and how you use it!

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I have a large screw press.  What I advise is to make the tool holder to fit a standard easily available  size of tooling material.  I happened to be give a number of S1 punches with a 1" diameter. So my tool holder has a 1" diameter hole in it with a set screw so I can make a large number of tools from those punches and have them all fit.

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