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Acme anvil


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  Great find. Most likely, Trenton stamped on the front foot, 100 would be pounds, numbers on the right is the serial number. We need to feed the Frog...Please take pictures of the logo, and stamping on the front foot. Better pictures more information, thanks.  

  207 make me think of home...?

          N.N.F.             Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA 

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"Any help would be greatly appreciated."

Since the help you need must be in getting rid of it; just cover the face of it with US$100 bills and ship it to me...

Or you could specify what kind of help you are looking for: cleaning, preserving, mounting, dating; using,...? You know what it is you are trying to get. We don't  Anvils tend to mess up the mind reading satellite lasers big time due to their effects on the magnetic fields....

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3 hours ago, DuEulear said:

What dose she weaigh? 

How is the rebound?

reguardless you did really well for 25$




100 pounds. Rebound is awesome, i think, never had an anvil before.

100 pounds......Some WD40 and a Wire wheel on my 7" grinder cleaned her up pretty well.




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6 hours ago, Bigrod207 said:

I picked up an Acme Anvil yesterday for $25.

Welcome to the forum... https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/53873-read-this-first

You got a heck of a deal, most of us only dream about.:)


If you edit your profile to show your location, you may be surprised how many members are near you and a lot of answers are location dependent.

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