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Industrial teamwork

Tom May

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  M,I have acualy learned a lot looking at pre copyright manuals for railroad shops. The power hammer and drop hammers not withstanding the procedures for blocking out the work with fullers and butchers saves you a heck of a lot of time buy isolating difrent areas and shapes to be forged. 

I wouldn’t bet against those fork lift operators, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one butter toast.

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The video shows an industrial operation. They have done this operation many times. Notice the second steel "slug" heating in their forge and various other items  therein (at 0.05, and elsewhere).

Note also that a goodly number of workmen were involved in the fabrication and none of them got into each others way, nor hesitated in the various operations. The two forklift trucks never corrected their operations.

It reminded me of a finely choreographed ballet. They were that skilled and that practiced.

The operators are not crazy and not working on the street.

China and its people should never be underestimated.

Just sayyin.


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