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Question about building a hood

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Hello all,  I'm just getting started out and am currently working out of my garage.  As a result, I have to drag my forge outside when ever I'm working.  I have an old round, fairly shallow forge with a buffalo hand crank blower.  The forge is about 2 feet across and about 3 inches deep.  Being outside, I am constantly dancing around the smoke.  So I'm thinking of building a hood.  So here are my questions.

1.  Would a hood even work outside?

2.  Would a side draft or full hood work better?

3.  How low above the forge should I place the hood?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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First, consider putting your forge on wheels. Easier than dragging, and the locking kind will keep if from rolling away while it's burning.

Second, unless you're also adding a stack, the hood on an outside forge is less about smoke removal and more about blocking the wind. (It will also create some shade by the fire, which makes it easier to judge the temperature colors than looking at the workpiece in full sunlight.)

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