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Less harmful alternative to Kaowool?


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In my search for a supplier of Kaowool or similar in Norway, I finally found a supplier of a similar product from another brand. However, after i received an offer for their current product, with clear warnings of the health hazards, the sales person got back to me that they recently got a new product that is less harmful. The product can handle up to 1400C/2552F.

From the press release


In addition to higher temperature resistance, Isofrax 1400 fiber has high solubility in simulated body fluids and hence carries no hazard classification, meeting stringent European regulatory requirements. Isofrax 1400 fiber are exonerated from classification as hazardous (tested according to Note Q Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008). 

Thought I'd post it here if anyone are interested.


Note: I am not in any way affiliated with this company. I am in fact about to get quite a bit poorer because of them, since smallest order quantity is one roll... Ouch.

Here is the data sheet


and Safety data sheet:

http://www.unifrax.eu.com/web/Audit.nsf/ByUNID/A61BB0ACAF204B89852582200053068F/$File/Unifrax SDS Isofrax 1400 V1.00 (GB-en) 170403.pdf

Anyone with experience reading safety data sheets that can comment?


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True. I wouldn't use this without a respirator, but the same goes for regular fiber glass insulation.  I should have ended the title of this post with a question mark.

Still, I would prefer to use a product that is not (yet?) rated as carcinogenic when the alternative is a product we know is carcinogenic. 

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Ive switched to superwool for this very reason.  I still treat it just like kaowool.  For your question mikey.  There are dangers IF i make a mistake and supposedly those dangers are mitigated by the use of superwool.  Even if its only a small chance of being true the risk/reward is to much not to switch over.

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I believe someone already pointed out that asbestos used to be well known as being "safe". What they can claim presently, without being liable in the courts, is one thing, and the truth of the matter may be quite another. So, what the purchaser must decide is how much the chance that their claim is true is worth its high price; recent history would indicate not.

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It's important to be skeptical and not accept all information from the producers without consideration. But if I have access to two products: One that is known to be carcinogenic and one that is developed to be a less harmful alternative, I would still use the latter given that the price is more or less the same here. I wouldn't work with regular glass wool either without respiratory protection, so having to protect myself does not speak much against Isofrax 1400 for me at least. A package is on it's way to me. Hopefully the performance is on par with Kaowool, or I have done a mistake.


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