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First Gas Forge


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IMG_0367.MOVHi all 

new to Blacksmithing and i have built a gas forge. The dragons breath what colour is it supposed to be? and how far out should it come from the mouth of the forge. 

My Burners are 3/4 Pipe 8" long with a bell flare 1 1/4 x 3/4, T 3/4 x 1" and using 1/4" nipples with 0.8mm Tip (0.031")  i also have some 1.0 mm Tips (0.039")

Does the flame look ok. I have also attached a video with it running in the forge. The forge is built from a Propane tank with 2" refractory wool and in the bottom Refractory cement to 1600 degrees Celsius. I also rigidized the wool prior to firing the forge etc. 


Question i have is how far back in the wool should the burners sit?  


I also have a coal forge which i built. in this i use smithy breeze coke. 





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The video looks and sounds okay. 8" is longer than it should be, the ratio is 8 or 9 x the tube's diameter. I don't much care for bell reducers as burner flares but a lot of guys are getting good results. It's important to recognize what IS over what you THINK is right. 

The dragon's breath looks a LITTLE rich but not awful. Be aware it's generating CO when it's burning the richer the flame the more it generates. CO is a colorless, odorless gas that absorbs in your blood 80 x as fast as the oxygen it replaces and makes life possible. Good ventilation is a MUST running any forge, gas forges especially. I highly recommend running gas forges in a detached shop, CO WILL infiltrate everywhere, keeping it separate is the only way to be sure it doesn't visit you in your sleep, at dinner, etc.

Shortening your tubes should improve air induction and lean the flames out. You can lean it out by trimming the jets too, the farther they are from the tube the more air it'll induce.

Have you let your forge get as hot as it will?  It doesn't look bad from what I can see. Pics work better than movies, they take up less bandwidth and show what we need to see. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi Guys 


Thanks for the response. Frosty what do you recommend as flares? I can shorten the tubes and also shorten the tips to make a little better. I have run this up to temperature last weekend and the dragons breath was still as it shows in the video. Where my tubes go through the forge when i turn up the pressure for the gas i am also getting some flames returning back up beside the burner tubes. Is this normal? If not what's the best solution to correct it? 


Thanks again 


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