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What to make from this (mild steel )

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A friend gave me a lot of  these mild steel strips there about 22 inch long and some 5mm - 10mm wide he found them in a skip has no use for them and brought them to me said do whatever you want but not sure.  It's very clean steel was covered in oil though.  Has anyone any suggestions what I could make ? , thanks Gareth. 


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Those are absolutely worthless. Put them in the mail to me, and I will make sure that they get disposed of properly.

Seriously, though, you can make all kinds of things from those. Hooks, chest hardware, light duty tongs, backscratchers, the list goes on and on.

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If you are like me, you will mess around with them and eventually find the perfect use for them once you are almost out of them. :) 

There are way to many uses to think of in one sitting haha. 

Scrolls, angle brackets, angle brackets with scrolls, bottle openers, trivets, frames, doodads, hickamabobs, thingymajigers, whoseywhats......

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