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So Stoked!
This was gifted to me by one of my fellow Gideon's.
According to him it sat in his fathers garage for over 30 years. His father is retired Navy and believes that this was on one of his ships. I have not cleaned it yet to try and figure the make the only marking I can see so far is a large Y on the far side from this image.
120 Lbs
Cast bottom with a welded face
Good ring
Very little chipping on the face
All in all a great find, great History, great price!




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Here she is all cleaned up.

Now that she has been cleaned there are a lot more chips on the face than originally thought.

I do not know if it is bad enough to have it repaired but regardless great sounding anvil.

The original thought was that this is a Colombian but I can not prove that as the mark is completely gone.

Now time to make a stand for her


















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Looks great. And it looks like other Colombians I have seen. 

If you do anything just smooth out the edge chips a little on the sweet spot. But I'd use it a while even before that to see if any of that area might be good "features" to use. 

The main face looks great. 

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You can see the triangle with the C in it that Columbian used. The belief is the letter on the opposite side is a foundry or pattern indicator. There really is not a good way of knowing when it was made. The stopped making smiths anvils in 1922 so it was made sometime between 1902 and 1922.

Make a stand and get to hammering!

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The face is the money spot really, and your anvils face looks fine for forging.  The horn is in great shape too.  Put that old gal to work and make some things with her.  You can always save up money for a different anvil is all the things you pointed out bother you.  It's still a nice gift.

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