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  I have numerous 18x1/2  inch rods to bend and bending them in one heat would be ideal but, is not possible with my current fire pot.

  I am looking at welding up a new, long, narrow pot. Never having used bigger than a 9x9 bottom blast pot, i am wondering how feasible it is to make a 20" or so long pot that would get its air from a 12"  hand cranked Champion blower.

  Should i have 1 air grate in the center of the bottom like a standard pot, have a couple of grates equidistant with an air trough underneath or make a trough and put holes all down the length?

  Thanks for any suggestion.

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Search "Japanese Trough Forge". If this is a one time, or some times type project I would just do a simple brick pile you can easily tear down when you're done. For 20"" I would use three 3/4" air inlets stubbed in off of a central 2" line spaced at 5", 10" and 15". If you have pipe and fittings or a welder and twenty or so fire brick you should be able to throw one together in an hour or so and pack it up in about ten minutes. If you have space for a dedicated set up and it gets to be a regular thing maybe think about fabricating a more permanent version based on experiments with the easily changeable brick pile.

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When I needed to box fold some 3/8" steel plate several feet long I dug a trench forge in the backyard and used a piece of 1.5" pipe with lots of holes drilled in the top 1/3 of it and a shop vac to blow it; I was using coal. For charcoal I would have just used 3 lines of holes: top and 30 deg to each side of the top line and a hand crank blower would do fine if it was a good sized one.  Did I miss the part where you mentioned what fuel you would be using?  I sure hope it's not buffalo chips!

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