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Show me your portable holes

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Show me your portable holes, those devices that substitute for hardie holes on the anvil. 


The tubing was intentionally large so any hardie would be able to fit. 



All you need to do is make an adapter.


Show me your portable holes

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It would seem to me that something along the lines of a striking anvil would be suited to this purpose. To have both a hardy hole and a small surface for straightening, snapping off partially cut metal or whatever else is needed. It would be lighter than an anvil and can be built to whatever height is needed. 

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Here’s my first portable hole:


It worked great for a while, and I made a upset a number of tools to use in my anvil:


But the welds didn’t hold up. 


So I’m making a new one. 


The hole itself is four sections of heavy-duty angle iron welded together:


It can hold an adapter for upsetting bottom tools:


Or my guillotine tool:


I also have a short section of track that can be mounted on top:



(Once I finish the mounting brackets.)

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