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Received an unpleasant surprise. After a PM on my truck I found the top radiator tank cracked. My doner truck has a brass radiator with a bad bottom tank so off to the radiator shop to have a new tank fitted. I am informed that they can not work on automotive radiators do to environmental regulations. Of corse if it had been an “industrial radiator” he could fix it as they are exempt. 

I am pro environment, but their exists a huge double standard were the oil/natural gas industry is concerned 

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I agree Das, I would not be happy if they try to pass of a gas motor radiator on me. On the other hand with mark ups from everyone parts go threw I have red overs that some times I can get parts on EBay from the children of the small shop owners in Japan who build them or from the rest of the world were these trucks are dime a dozen. It’s a great truck but the feds shafted us during the GM bailout when they forced GM to discontinue the medium duty W body trucks. 

I wont get into the ins and outs of protectionism policies. Tho I love Glenn,s phone calls I don’t want one because I need to be dinked

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Times like that I hand the cash to my mechanic and have him put it on the shop's card.  Of course I try to deal with small shops that will work with me. I remember once my timing chain stretching and wearing a hole in the Aluminium cover.  No used could be found and new would have substantially increased the value of the truck; so I asked about heliarc.   Worked fine for several more years...

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