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Forge air supply idea


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Hi all I'm in the process of designing my new Smitty on my country block and although I have a hand cranked blower I also have a 12 volt solar power system and wondering if anyone has removed and connected up a fan system from a vehicle to use as a blower.  Cant see it not working at this early stage..... variable fan speed etc so wondering if anyone has done the same and how successful they have been and /or tips on doing so or would I be wasting my time. thanks   

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I lucked into a nice Volkswagen heater blower that will fit up easily to my portable forge i am making. Other blowers or fans will work if you make it so you can channel the air to the forge inlet. 

I like Glenn's idea for hot summer day forging. :)  I just so happen to have a good candidate to use for that. 


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Many automotive ac blowers require the fabrication of a housing


This guy has a good explanation of what you need. I think the picture of one that a member built using a pair of cut down #10 cans and a soup can for an out let has been lost to the eather. 

To build the case, cut one can to the proper hight to just clear the squirrel cage after cutting a hole to slip in the fan and drilling mounting holes (short sheet metal screws should work) the other can gets cut with just a lip to be pressed into the first as a lid. Obciusly this end gets a small air inlet hole. The soup can gets fitted as an outlet, you get to play tin smith...

now automotive ac blowers work on selected circuits with different resistances so a DC rheostat will work for control 

Very old and some HD truck applications use compleatly housings (usually double ended motors with two blowers for Glenn’s smith cooler) but they are much more expensive. 

The wooden box works but an insult to make the inside round on three corners will make it more efferent. 70-90 Chevy truck blowers are probably the cheapest and easiest to work with (at least easiest to get out of a donor)

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